I Ship it…NOT!

Guess what the modern guy is into?

Did you say Netflix and Chill? Did you say “let’s make tons of dubsmash videos together?” or What about the “no title” guy. These are symptoms of F*ck Boys (Another interesting topic of this generation for another day…).

Now these guys aren’t always the butt wads. They could be the guy you friend zoned years ago or your “bestie” guy friend. What I will not tolerate is unplanned evenings full of things that I personally enjoy doing alone lol. Netflix? Sure let me, myself, and I watch a full season of Nikita. Dubsmash? Can we say VIRAL VIDEO? “No Title”? um…My name.

Okay. Okay. I know I’m a little overboard, but what happened to Museum dates? Arcades? Art Galleries? Walks through the park? Heck I will even go hiking for some one on one, face to face, energy to energy moments. Put your phone down. Turn off your hotline bling tone and let’s connect.

…but what do I know? I’m just a single, 22 year old (…Did I mention that I am a Melanin Goddess? lol…)  college student with a job and a business.

Welcome to Reality,






For your size…

Big Fro, Brown Eyes. Thick Thighs, Saves Lives.

So. (^^^That’s a link to my dance video. Sharing is Caring)

Today I decided to upload a freestyle that is a reaction from hearing the statement: “You can dance well for your size…”

So let’s start there. First of all my size? (The majority of America is my size…) Anywho. I am so sick of people limiting my abilities based upon the structure of my body. My weight has been on a rollercoaster since birth. Trust me I know what it’s like to be a size 16 and I know what it’s like to be a size 7/9. Guess what?! I’ve danced through it all. If I cried each time someone ended a compliment with “for your size…” I would be able to swim across oceans.

Dance Now Cry Later is a motto that I live by. Next time you want to help me create another dope concept just add “For your size…” to your compliment. Who wouldn’t want to punch you in the face and be labeled as the mad black woman for the rest of their life…. I’ll wait. So instead click the link, take a peek, and continue watching me save lives through dance.

Welcome to Reality,



Mr. Oh No

I waited forever to tell you.

I should’ve known from the start.

That you weren’t the one who could thaw out my heart.

In due time you would see, beyond the walls.

Every piece of baggage that I had let fall.

Now I know it was just a dream.

A dream that turned to reality.

Then I knew “WE” couldn’t be true.

Because I saw another girl standing next to you.

She wasn’t rude, she was awfully nice.

I could tell she didn’t know about that night.

The “truth” you told from the past.

No wonder the energy from that night didn’t last.

I know you ask why did I stop the flow…

I have to tell you that you’re my Mr. Oh No

Welcome to Reality,


Baby Jesus

Now before you get in an uproar about why the Title is Baby Jesus try to read it first.

So I have been going to church on and off since I have been in college. It’s like I’m distracted by the ways of the world and starting to live in the now. Being a PGC (Pastors Grandchild) I know that God should be the light of my life. Each semester my vibes seem to change and my faith is challenged but no matter what I always end up back with my Bible or watching Elevation Network to get me through the day.

God has never failed me. I am blessed to be able to be in school and have the resources I need to survive. What many people don’t know is that I have had many situations in my life that resulted in barely having food to eat. I went WEEKS shopping from the Dollar store and eating popcorn for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so that my stomach wouldn’t growl at work. I have had semesters of traumatic events that resulted in depression for months at a time. Yet know one knew. People only see what you want them to see.

Yes. I have amazing grades and the gift of dance. I can’t allow others to see me broken when they see me as inspiration. That’s where God comes into the picture. I know people probably don’t even take a second glance at my fb statuses that say “Thank you Baby Jesus.” Just know that I would not be ANYTHING without him. So I write this to remind myself that even when I am down and alone that he is always watching.

People are so quick to dismiss God and Baby Jesus , but wonder why they are still in the mess THEY made.

Welcome to Reality,





Dear Zaxbys,

Thank you. Thank you for staying open until 11pm on the dot and accepting my order at 10:52pm without poor customer service. Thank you to the manager who made me fresh tenders and even asked how was my first day of the year going. Thank you for the Free Zax sauce for waiting a little over 15mins with three other cars to get dinner. Sometimes the best moments in life are simple. Be grateful.

Welcome to Reality,



Happy New Year



Instead of the traditional vision boards and resolutions I just decided to give myself a word to live by and a few mini goals that I can achieve this year.

The word: FOCUS

Welcome to Reality,



Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationships.

Can I just express my view on LDRS?

I tried it. It failed. Now I’m not saying that they don’t work. I’m saying that maybe everything isn’t roses and snail mail love letters like in the movies. I was in a LDR for a barely a year.

Now that I have had that experience I truly realize that I personally appreciate the presence of the person I am in a relationship with versus the absence. What I expected was constant web cam dates, cute texts, surprise snail mail, and the occasional gift that correlated with special events (Birthdays, Valentines, etc.). Yet I received video chats that clashed with my work and school schedule, arguments via text, zero snail mail, and nothing to show that I was of any significance.

Eh. I know sad story huh? I survived with a broken heart and inspiration.

What better way to let go of the ways of the world than through writing. Isn’t that what all great writers do?

Welcome to Reality,



Single Alpha Woman

There are just some things I will never understand. For instance men are considered to be intimidated by the Alpha woman but claim to crave her presence. Here are a few things that men have wrong about Alpha women.

  1. She wants to be in control 24/7.  Sike! But no seriously. Yes we love having control but geesh can we have a break? It would be nice to have someone plan your evening, clean your car, and even choose an outfit or two for you to wear.
  2. She can handle everything.  Wrong! Although she may wear a cape realize that she is human. Even though she acts like she is hardcore think about the moments no one is there. She cries. Yes. Tears. It’s a thing that humans do you know?!
  3. She wants to be single. If that were the case she wouldn’t give an ounce of energy to that one guy that she has been trying to flirt with lately. If she wants you, you’ll know. (…but she will never say it out loud.)

Well… There you are. A few things… can’t tell everything.

Welcome to Reality,


Real Talk with T

This is the beginning of a new adventure. I always tend to overthink a lot of things in life so why not write about them.

So this year I will be vlogging and blogging random topics that may seem pressing in my life.

I am a beginner blogger so be easy on me.

I will write from the heart and edit with my mind.

Welcome to Reality,




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