Mama We Made it! (…to the 2nd tray of my Invisalign)

So today is the day.

I was up to about 6am this morning because my jaw was hurting. I took my rubber bands out for 5 mins and my jaw felt slightly better. Finally fell asleep and woke up at 1:30pm (Glad I didn’t have to work today or else I wouldn’t have made it). Being that it is day 7… today is tray day! Woo. Yay! no. Of course I was freaking out so I called my orthodontist and confirmed I’m on a weekly tray schedule. My heart dropped when they said yes.

*10 mins and 2 tears later*

I did it! It isn’t as easy as they say but Tray 2 is in and yes it is TIGHT. These “slight shifts” might be the death of me. Beauty is pain right?

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T



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