Day 3…4…5…of Invisalign

Maybe it isn’t so bad…


I’m starting to find a way to fall asleep. The only downside is that these rubber bands are keeping my mouth closed.


I really think there should have been some sort of sidenote that stated “You can try to eat whatever you want”. I’m already sick of eating pasta and soup. My mom took me to Olive Garden and I was sooooo happy until I started to eat the bread. It was so warm and yummy until the pain in my mouth kicked in. Also I’ve mentally trained myself to eat less just so I don’t have to feel the pain of taking out my trays.


I’m going to be a mime. jk. I already had a lisp prior to getting invisalign but now it’s worse. I’m not use to the trays yet and my tounge is having a fit. I also noticed that my smile has changed. Being an African-American with full lips has its perks. Unfortunately I’ve been holding my mouth awkwardly.

ha! I’m only 5 days into 46 weeks. great.

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T



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