The GLO UP Journey

Let’s talk about this whole “Glo up” movement. It seems that nowadays my generation is so caught up in this concept of glowing up. This essentially means that you went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Unfortunately I’m still in the transition phase. Due to the fact that my weight goes up and down like a roller coaster we are going to skip over that attribute and focus on my mouth.

I GOT BRACES. Well…I really got Invisalign. Who wants to be 70 and alone? ( Ikr. Drake…) When I was in middle school my dentist wanted me to get braces but I was like “nah…” a.k.a “I can’t afford it”. Now I’m 23, single, and no kids. Perfect time to drop 6k on my mouth right?!… umm wrong. I still have to worry about student loans but I’m almost finished paying off my car so I’ll figure it out. I will have to update you guys about my Invisalign  Journey in a differ post.

Yay 2017. The year of the “GLO UP”

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T


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