Day 1 -2 of Invisalign…

Day 1:

Y’all. What did I do to myself? My dentist lied to me… he said it would be uncomfortable not hurt like hell. Slept for maybe 3hr. Taking the trays out to eat is a no go. I cried. Like tears down my face big crocodile tears lol. I’ll be eating once… if twice a day. Do I really want to glo up?

Day 2:

I barely got any rest last night. You know it’s hard to sleep when your mouth is in pain. I made a new best friend today: Ibuprofen ❤ Finally fell asleep around noon and didnt get up until 6:30pm. That meant dinner time. I had already skipped lunch so my tummy was HANGRY. Guess what I ordered. Pizza. Why? Why did I do that? idk. Long story short: I cried while eating dinner. Am I going to make it?


The tea is: Invisalign hurts.

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T




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