Day 3…4…5…of Invisalign

Maybe it isn’t so bad…


I’m starting to find a way to fall asleep. The only downside is that these rubber bands are keeping my mouth closed.


I really think there should have been some sort of sidenote that stated “You can try to eat whatever you want”. I’m already sick of eating pasta and soup. My mom took me to Olive Garden and I was sooooo happy until I started to eat the bread. It was so warm and yummy until the pain in my mouth kicked in. Also I’ve mentally trained myself to eat less just so I don’t have to feel the pain of taking out my trays.


I’m going to be a mime. jk. I already had a lisp prior to getting invisalign but now it’s worse. I’m not use to the trays yet and my tounge is having a fit. I also noticed that my smile has changed. Being an African-American with full lips has its perks. Unfortunately I’ve been holding my mouth awkwardly.

ha! I’m only 5 days into 46 weeks. great.

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T



Day 1 -2 of Invisalign…

Day 1:

Y’all. What did I do to myself? My dentist lied to me… he said it would be uncomfortable not hurt like hell. Slept for maybe 3hr. Taking the trays out to eat is a no go. I cried. Like tears down my face big crocodile tears lol. I’ll be eating once… if twice a day. Do I really want to glo up?

Day 2:

I barely got any rest last night. You know it’s hard to sleep when your mouth is in pain. I made a new best friend today: Ibuprofen ❤ Finally fell asleep around noon and didnt get up until 6:30pm. That meant dinner time. I had already skipped lunch so my tummy was HANGRY. Guess what I ordered. Pizza. Why? Why did I do that? idk. Long story short: I cried while eating dinner. Am I going to make it?


The tea is: Invisalign hurts.

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T



The GLO UP Journey

Let’s talk about this whole “Glo up” movement. It seems that nowadays my generation is so caught up in this concept of glowing up. This essentially means that you went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Unfortunately I’m still in the transition phase. Due to the fact that my weight goes up and down like a roller coaster we are going to skip over that attribute and focus on my mouth.

I GOT BRACES. Well…I really got Invisalign. Who wants to be 70 and alone? ( Ikr. Drake…) When I was in middle school my dentist wanted me to get braces but I was like “nah…” a.k.a “I can’t afford it”. Now I’m 23, single, and no kids. Perfect time to drop 6k on my mouth right?!… umm wrong. I still have to worry about student loans but I’m almost finished paying off my car so I’ll figure it out. I will have to update you guys about my Invisalign  Journey in a differ post.

Yay 2017. The year of the “GLO UP”

Welcome to Reality.

xxxo, T

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