Thrift 101


So a lot of people have been asking me how do I find so many awesome things when thrifting. Well the truth is that I am a secret agent that works with all thrift stores! ….. just kidding.

So the First rule is to be patient. If you can spend 4 hours at the mall and spend $400 on an outfit that the person behind you is also purchasing, you can spend  2 hours in a thrift store and spend $10 on a fashion forward outfit! When going thrifting I like to make sure that I have enough time to go through the sections that interest me without having to rush. I normally bring a friend but lately my greatest finds have been when I’m not listening to the latest Tea and having storytime.

Secondly LOOK FOR DISCOUNTS on top of the discount. Many second hand shops have some sort of color code system that informs you of the discount of the day. I normally look for the 75% and 50% colors versus just randomly looking through sections. Get into the habit of not buying things when there isn’t a discount. For example I just scored 14 pairs of socks for $3 just because each pair was 75% off.

Last but not least: Have an open mind! Fashion moguls didn’t get their big break by wearing what everyone else thinks is in. Know that you can rock those boots with jean shorts, that grandma sequence shirt, lime green clutch, and no one can tell you that you aren’t fabulous. Just know that their credit cards are fading from swiping so much and you still have money to splurge on whatever and even pay your bills for the next month.

That’s all for today. Consider me your :thriftqueen.jpg

If you have any questions let me know and drop them below!

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