I Ship it…NOT!

Guess what the modern guy is into?

Did you say Netflix and Chill? Did you say “let’s make tons of dubsmash videos together?” or What about the “no title” guy. These are symptoms of F*ck Boys (Another interesting topic of this generation for another day…).

Now these guys aren’t always the butt wads. They could be the guy you friend zoned years ago or your “bestie” guy friend. What I will not tolerate is unplanned evenings full of things that I personally enjoy doing alone lol. Netflix? Sure let me, myself, and I watch a full season of Nikita. Dubsmash? Can we say VIRAL VIDEO? “No Title”? um…My name.

Okay. Okay. I know I’m a little overboard, but what happened to Museum dates? Arcades? Art Galleries? Walks through the park? Heck I will even go hiking for some one on one, face to face, energy to energy moments. Put your phone down. Turn off your hotline bling tone and let’s connect.

…but what do I know? I’m just a single, 22 year old (…Did I mention that I am a Melanin Goddess? lol…)  college student with a job and a business.

Welcome to Reality,





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