For your size…

Big Fro, Brown Eyes. Thick Thighs, Saves Lives.

So. (^^^That’s a link to my dance video. Sharing is Caring)

Today I decided to upload a freestyle that is a reaction from hearing the statement: “You can dance well for your size…”

So let’s start there. First of all my size? (The majority of America is my size…) Anywho. I am so sick of people limiting my abilities based upon the structure of my body. My weight has been on a rollercoaster since birth. Trust me I know what it’s like to be a size 16 and I know what it’s like to be a size 7/9. Guess what?! I’ve danced through it all. If I cried each time someone ended a compliment with “for your size…” I would be able to swim across oceans.

Dance Now Cry Later is a motto that I live by. Next time you want to help me create another dope concept just add “For your size…” to your compliment. Who wouldn’t want to punch you in the face and be labeled as the mad black woman for the rest of their life…. I’ll wait. So instead click the link, take a peek, and continue watching me save lives through dance.

Welcome to Reality,




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