Single Alpha Woman

There are just some things I will never understand. For instance men are considered to be intimidated by the Alpha woman but claim to crave her presence. Here are a few things that men have wrong about Alpha women.

  1. She wants to be in control 24/7.  Sike! But no seriously. Yes we love having control but geesh can we have a break? It would be nice to have someone plan your evening, clean your car, and even choose an outfit or two for you to wear.
  2. She can handle everything.  Wrong! Although she may wear a cape realize that she is human. Even though she acts like she is hardcore think about the moments no one is there. She cries. Yes. Tears. It’s a thing that humans do you know?!
  3. She wants to be single. If that were the case she wouldn’t give an ounce of energy to that one guy that she has been trying to flirt with lately. If she wants you, you’ll know. (…but she will never say it out loud.)

Well… There you are. A few things… can’t tell everything.

Welcome to Reality,


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